Here are a few selected links to some of my poems available online:

“Apophasis”  in Revolver

“Adoption Update: Weight for Height Negative Z-Score (Girl Chart–Two Years Old)” in Revolver

“Wait” in Revolver

“Edie Watches the Tsunami from Her Bed at Life Care Rehabilitation Center in Las Vegas, March 2011” in Literal Latte

“In the Teatre-Museu Dali,” “The Dreaming Woman,” “In Nafplion,” and “In Avignon” in The Adirondack Review

“Wednesdays at the Rosholt Nursing Home” in Bellingham Review

“What Happens to the Twelve After They All Take 2-CE and One Goes Berserk and Is Taken to the Hospital” in Paper Darts

“Things That Cannot Die” in Cleaver

“Meeting an Old Lover” in Literary Bohemian

“Junior High” in Midway Journal

“After Her Death” and “A Poem for Cindy After Her Nephew’s Death by Heart Failure at Age 16”  in Sleet

“Understand” in Muzzle Magazine

“Drink” in Muzzle Magazine

“Eggs” and “Scholastic Book Orders” in Word Riot

“Call the Moon” Broadside with Artist Susan Solomon for Red Bird Broadside Series


“The Fat Lady at the Dairy Barn”  in Blood Orange Review

“Laundromats in Heaven” in Avatar Review